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Designing your Design Career

In association with General Assembly
14th February 2019, 10am-5pm, Whitechapel.
Tickets: £190

About the day

Are you struggling with any of the following questions?

  • What does a good week at work look like?
  • Who or what do you aspire to be in two, or even ten years time?
  • What title is right for you?
  • Would you make a good manager?
  • Should you learn to code, run user research sessions or be involved in business strategy?

Designers come in all shapes and sizes. Skills that some designers absolutely love and thrive in, others get no energy from. And that’s ok – if we didn’t have a diversity of skills and interests, our work would suffer for it.

No one person can be good at everything, but it’s really hard to know who you are and what you’ll enjoy most (and therefore be the best at). This workshop aims to give you time to come up with those answers, get up close and personal, celebrate your wins and avoid the things you don’t enjoy.

Who are skilljams for?

These workshops are best for product and UX designers who are:

  • just starting or a bit further into their careers
  • looking to make a decision about a change of job or discipline
  • unsure about what kind of team, company or projects they should focus on
  • unsure about going into management
  • looking to learn a bit more about themselves!


  • Get a sense of your current strengths and weaknesses across a wide range of common design skills and abilities.
  • Pick out your biggest wins and dissect what made them so satisfying for you.
  • Compare those skills and interests with fellow classmates, and spend safe 1:1 time with experienced practicing designers.
  • Learn about what kind of work, company, team or culture you will work best within
  • Leave with some practical tools and tips to help your design journey continue in the right direction for you.

About Jonny and Austin

Your skilljam will be led by Jonny and Austin, two practicing designers with a tonne of experience both designing and building products that people love and working with designers on their careers.

Austin Keeble

Austin works with robots, but fights for the humans. In other words, he is an Experience Designer, Researcher & Educator from states, currently living and working in Berlin. Recent projects include work as the UX & Design Lead for Sky, STA Travel, Procter & Gamble, Audi AG, and The Financial Times. Currently, he's working with clients as the Principal Designer and Educator at All By Design.

Always a student, sometimes a teacher, he's taught and facilitated 80+ design workshops and courses for over 2300 students with companies like General Assembly, Schibsted, Axel Springer, and Google.

Jonny Burch

Jonny is a designer, entrepreneur and founder of Make and Grow, a company focused on helping people in tech to build fantastic careers.

After well over a decade designing everything from books to apps, and nearly seven years leading design teams at tech companies, Jonny quit his job as a senior design manager at Deliveroo to build Progression. His mission is to help designers and design teams to define their skills and interests, allowing everyone to know where they stand and where to go.